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Logmein Vista Welcome Screen

Hi, i'm just finding my feet with logmein, and i have to say, so far its been great. However, i'm using ITreach on my test machine at present. Were creating machines that will be used in remote locations and using 'reach' to allow us access if required.

Now each machine is running vista business 32bit. Originally the machine was set with one user with no password. This was to ensure that vista would boot straight up and into windows without any interaction.

Since installing ITreach I now get the welcome screen come up and were now prompted to log in either as our user or as 'logmeinremoteuser'

I dont really want our end users to see this so can i get around it at all?


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RE: Logmein Vista Welcome Screen

If Vista works close enough to XP (and since Tweak seems to have moved my setting, I couldn't even give you locations there,) you should be able to do at least one of the following:
  • Set Vista to automatically log into that account.
  • Turn off the Welcome screen (not as good as above, but at least they don't see the LMI user and just have to hit enter.)
  • Hide the LMI user from showing on the Welcome screen (just make sure you don't disable it from interactive access, or you won't be able to use it.)