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Adding a second user to a PC

Hey all,
I am having difficulty figuring out how to add a second user to a computer with LogMeIn Free. When I login to the second account on that PC and click "add this computer" it wants to download the software that is already installed. Is it possible to have 2 different accounts (email addresses) to access the same machine? This would make my life a whole lot easier if this is possible. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Marshall
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RE: Adding a second user to a PC

Search for the words SECONDARY USER, and then you will have to filter out all the message that I (and others) have written telling everyone else to search for the same term.
Or, you can search the FAQ's or read the online guides.  You can learn about secondary users that way also.


(DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an employee of LMI, nor do I have any financial concern in LMI. I am strictly a HAPPY USER of LMI products. I am using PC version and XP SP2. Other systems or versions may act different than described above.)